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My First Sewing Project

I haven’t sewn anything since my high school Home Ec class.

Until yesterday, that is. I made Lucy a taggie blanket — with my mom’s help, of course. :)

It really was fairly simple to make. Cutting and sewing the material together was a breeze. The ribbons took a little more time to make sure they were lined up correctly. And, one of the textures I chose was thick so it was a little hard to run the needle over it.



I made an 8×8 taggie because I thought it would be easier for Lucy to handle. It turned out great!


And, it’s been a big hit. Lucy hasn’t put it down voluntarily since yesterday evening. I’ve had to pry it out of her hands at diaper changes and when I put her to bed last night. In fact, right now, she’s clutching it as she snoozes in her bouncer.



It makes me feel so good to see her playing with something that I made for her rather than something I just bought at a store.

new cards

i’ve gotten some serious cardmaking done in the last couple of days. i know it’s only august, but i’m starting now on holiday designs so people can start placing their orders! i’ll have a few more designs once the new stamp sets i ordered come in. here’s a peek at what i’ve been working on. remember to check out cs creations’ web site, and if you know of anyone looking for cards, make sure to mention my name!

thinking of you card 1

baby card 1

anniversary card 1

christmas card 1

christmas card 2

holiday card

christmas card

christmas card