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I need a new pair of glasses. I’ve had mine for several years, and they kind of annoy me because the lenses are more plastic-y then glass. That means it’s harder to clean them.

But, I refuse to pay the high prices that optical centers charge. It’s insane in my mind to spend several hundred dollars on them – I’m more of a thrifty kind of girl. So, I’m going to check out I love that there’s a good selection of styles and colors for only $19.99! Seriously, $19.99!

I’ll have to post a picture of the glasses I get whenever I pick them out!

Do you know someone who plays the guitar? If so, you might want to check out this best hendrix fuzz face mini guitar effects pedal. This is a reproduction of the fuzz face that Jimi Hendrix – who is called the Master of fuzz – used on his classic albums.

I bet this is something that any guitarist would love to have!

I see a lot commercials for lawyers on TV, and I wonder if they really get any business from running ads. My dad, who is a lawyer, always told me that a lawyer who has to drum up business on TV isn’t one you want to hire. And, really, do I want to hire a personal injury or raleigh business lawyer from something I saw on TV? Probably not.

I’ve never had a desire to smoke or anything, but I have to say that I kind of like the smell of cigars. I don’t know if it’s all cigars or just premium cigars, but there always seems to be such a sweet smell to me. I would never actually WANT to smoke them, but I do like smelling them from time to time!

Lucy loves her some music. We dance all the time, and The Fresh Beat Band is one of her absolute favorite shows. She’s gotten into drumming from that show (she drums on everything with everything), and I have a feeling we might be buying her a little drum set soon.

As noisy as that might be, at least we won’t be making trips to the fender t bucket guitar center. I guess we’ll see what kind of instrument, if any, she really gets into in the next few years!