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So, Lucy’s gotten totally into drumming lately. I think it’s because she watches The Fresh Beat Band, but she’ll pick up anything she can and start drumming on the carpet, the couch, the table – wherever!

Part of me kind of homes she doesn’t continue wanting to play the drums (because, oh, the noise there will be!), but there is a chance that at some point in the future we’ll be looking for the best drum practice pads. Ah, well. Whatever makes her happy!

I want to get some new pull knobs for our kitchen. We want to really remodel it at some point in the near future – new countertops, new cabinets (since, you know, one of our drawer fronts came off!) – and I think new knobs will enhance the new cabinets. Ours are pretty cheap looking, so it’s time for a change and to really make our kitchen look nicer.

You know what would have made life easier when I worked in radio? Having a monitor cart with which to pull my computer around the office. That way when I had to be in the studio but still wanted to work on my stories from my desk, I could use that rather than having to email things back and forth to myself. Sure, it would have looked strange, but I think it would have made it easier!

It’s always so funny to me when I see advertisements for sexual harassment attorneys like sexual harassment lawyers San Diego. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my years in the workplace, and I have to wonder how often sexual harassment actually happens. Maybe I just totally lucked out with the places where I worked. Have you ever seen sexual harassment occur?

So…we’ve been wanting to get a new printer. I’ve been looking up local printers online to see if I can find a good deal on a wireless printer. It would be SO nice to be able to print coupons from the living room rather than having to move my laptop into the play room to plug in every time I need to print. Anyone have any suggestions?