Ear Infection

It was bound to happen. After 14 months of life, Lucy finally got her first ear infection.

And, we seem to be very lucky that it hasn’t been that bad for her. It hasn’t affected her sleep at all (if anything, she sleeps a little bit later in the mornings), and she really wasn’t fussy until last Saturday afternoon, after we had taken her to the doctor. She screamed and screamed and screamed, but finally calmed down after she woke up from a nap.

That’s been the worst of it. We didn’t even think she had an ear infection because she never pulled at her ear. At first, we just thought she was congested from teething, and when her snot turned green on Saturday, we were thinking that it was more of a sinus infection.

The antibiotic Lucy was given started working *fast*, and she is 100 times better already. I’m really glad this infection wasn’t worse on her (or us), and I really hope she doesn’t have to deal with one again!

One thought on “Ear Infection

  1. Lisa

    Now you know I am a fan of Chiropractic care anyway, but getting a baby adjusted will help with them not getting ear infections.


    Now I am not a baby, but I used to get a minimum of 2 bad ear infections a year. Then I met Pete, started getting adjusted and have not had an ear infection in SIX YEARS! This is something I had at least twice a year my entire life! I swear it is amazing!!

    Just something to think about.

    I hope Lucy is back to 100% real soon!!

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